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How to add delivery instructions to an order
Last Updated 9 years ago

When entering an order in OE, when adding a line, at Item #,

[F5] To enter text, rather than an item

The field "Item #" changes to "Text" and field numbers 3 - 11 clear from the screen. Up to 25 characters of text may be entered on each line, or you may enter an item number to use the "Description" for that item from the Item file as your text.

When entering text, each pair of text lines is automatically assigned the next available default sequence number. If "All" warehouses was specified on the header screen, the warehouse of the last line entered is assigned to the text lines.

After entering each pair of text lines, use "Field number to change?" to correct errors in the text or to change the warehouse.When completed entering text, press [F5] to return to the "Item #" field or press [ESC] to return to the "Seq #" field.

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