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How to recalculate customer account balances
Last Updated 8 years ago

Sometimes the customer history becomes out of sync with the customer's open items. To correct this:

Accounts Receivable >> F2 >> Set customer account balances

This selection is used to total all the open items for each customer in the A/R Open Item File and set the account balance and unposted balance fields in the Customer record.

Open items include invoices, credit memos, debit memos, payments, finance charges, and balance forward amounts.

If a customer has no open items in the A/R Open Item File, the customer's account balance is set to zero.

This selection is normally used only once - right after you have loaded your A/R Open Item File when you are first getting started. You can also run it at any other time to set the balance fields to the correct amount, if you think they are incorrect.

This selection will also set the unposted balance for each customer to be the total of:

Unposted sales entries
Unposted cash receipts
Unposted finance charges
Unposted orders in O/E+ (if used)
Unposted invoices in P/I (if used)
Unposted tickets in P/S (if used)

When you are first getting started, the unposted balance would normally be zero. You may use this selection to reset the unposted balance, should it become necessary to do so.

To Begin

From the second page of the A/R menu, select Set customer account balances. A message informs you that this program totals the amounts of a customer's open items and sets the customer account balance in the Customer File to that amount, and also sets the unposted balance. You are asked whether you're sure you want to do this.

If you're not ready to set these balances, answer [N].

If you are, answer [Y].

Some processing will occur while the account balances are being set. Then you see "PROCEDURE COMPLETE - PRESS END".

Everyone should be out of the system when you run this selection. It is also a good idea to have a good backup on hand before you start.

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