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What are the Minimum System Requirements and Best Printer Types for Samco Power Accounting?
Last Updated 9 years ago

Samco Power Accounting can be run on any modern computer system

Minimum System Requirements:
Client: Windows XP+ including Win7 and Win8 Mac OS X (requires Crossover) with ThinClient
Server: Windows, Linux, Mac

Recommended System Requirements are:
Operating System: Windows 7+ (after April 8th 2014 Microsoft dropped Windows XP support), Linux (most major distributions), Mac OSX
Hardware: 4GB RAM, 2Ghz CPU, Network/Internet Access is necessary for EDI, eSend, Global DX and most modules that transfer data.
Depending on how much history you wish to retain and how many modules, items, customers, vendors, invoices, vouchers, etc. storage will vary. We recommend at least 10GB for programs and data for one company, add 1GB for each additional company and you should be adequately covered for years to come.

Most common PostScript and PCL printers are supported however we recommend using tested equipment. PostScript are the preferred printer, as they have excellent results for all forms as well as reports.

We recommend PCL5 Laser Printers with postscript.

The following printers are NOT currently supported:
Windows GDI Printers.

Hosted Products:

SamcoCRM: Any modern web browser can be used, including Android and iOS implementations.
eSamco: Requires a web browser to access, eg.: Safari, Explorer, FireFox, Chrome.

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