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CAMP (Care and Application Maintenance Plan)
Last Updated 9 years ago

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Samco Software CAMP plan.

What is C.A.M.P.?

SAMCO’s Care and Application Maintenance Plan combines support, updates, and upgrades for SAMCO Power Accounting system into one single annual or monthly fee. Rather than paying an annual fee (A.E.P) for software maintenance, and fee for service for software support / Help Desk services, one monthly fee covers it all (see below for exceptions).

Is C.A.M.P. mandatory?

Yes, all new installations of Samco Power Accounting from June 1, 2011, must now enroll in C.A.M.P. if they wish to receive support services on and updates to SAMCO’s Power Accounting System. Samco is strongly recommending that all installations prior to June 1, 2011 enroll in C.A.M.P. also, as it is a far better and more cost effective way of maintaining your Samco Applications than not.

If I choose not to enroll in C.A.M.P. but still need help, what are my options?

You can request assistance from an independent SAMCO Power Accounting Reseller, enroll in C.A.M.P. or we will provide support at our Retail or AEP Price per hour if you still require assistance but cannot make other arrangements.

What is the minimum subscription term?

The minimum term is 12 months and as it is a continuous subscription. CAMP must be paid as long as you use the software applications.

What is included with my subscription?

You’ll receive limited access (up to one (1) hour per month, additional will be charged at our current hourly rate, less 15%) to our Help Desk (both telephone and online), all updates and upgrades, Canadian Payroll tax updates when available. Access to online knowledge base, you’ll receive access toour Newsletter, and discounts on SAMCO Power Accounting compatible forms. Plus you’ll be eligible to participate in upcoming training webinars at no additional cost. You are billed at our lowest public hourly rate for all services and provided our best public price on all products. All Additional charges are due upon receipt of invoice.

How is the C.AM.P. rate calculated?

Our formula personalizes the rate by factoring in which modules are enrolled, and prior Help Desk requirements. Each year (12 months) our system analyses what you paid for the Support/Help portion of your monthly C.A.M.P. fees versus the value of services provided to you during the previous 12 months and there may be an adjustment necessary to correct any major discrepancy. You will be notified of such,. We wish to provide you the best support at a fair price, but we cannot allow the service to be misused either and we must keep it in line with our charges. C.A.M.P. support hourly fees are lowest prices we offer for those services.

What is NOT covered by C.A.M.P.?

Training, installation or support of Hardware, non SAMCO application support (Smarterm, VSI*Fax, Microsoft Office, etc.), EDI document preparation, custom programming, importing data, project work, building SQL queries, forms and label design, accounting advice, operating system support, and hardware support. Providing of any services to an outside or Third Party IT consultant or person or a non-employee of your company is NOT covered by C.A.M.P., even for software questions or issues. Third Party software is NOT covered under your CAMP Agreement. If an employee leaves or a new employee or outside party requires assistance, it becomes Training, not Support and therefore is chargeable. This is often the case of outside consultants or new IT people.

What if I receive and invoice for services and I think it is covered by C.A.M.P.?

You will notice on every invoice, there is a footnote that advises you that you have 10 Days to question any invoice and we are more than willing to discuss you concerns you may have. Our system automatically generates our Invoices, so mistakes can occur, but we need to know of any concerns within 10 days. This allows us to discuss the circumstances with the technician(s) who was involved, while it is still reasonably fresh in their mind(s). If we have made a mistake on billing, which is seldom, we will be pleased to adjust it, as long as it is within 10 days of your receiving the invoice(s).

What happens if my subscription lapses?

If your C.A.M.P. subscription has lapsed for one day or more and you wish to renew, you must pay for time when you were not on the plan. The only way your plan will lapse, is if your payment is not authorized by your bank on the due date.

What is the renewal process?

As this is a monthly program you simply sign up and away you go! There’s no need to worry about remembering to renew. If your bank does not authorize your payment on the due date, then we will attempt one more time and then we will charge an additional $ 25.00 for the late payment on the subsequent attempts to receive payment until the total amount due is authorized.

Will I receive updates automatically?

If you have Samco Payroll, ou will receive a minimum of 2 updates per year, otherwise 2 update per year. Any major updates that have a specific impact to your SAMCO Power Accounting system will be provided via electronic download, or DVD. We will advise you either via phone, fax, email or Newsletter whenever major updates are available and make arrangements.

What are the payment options?

Pre Authorized Debit (PAD) through either your financial institution, or a valid credit card (MasterCard or Visa only) to be charged monthly.

What if I add a new module?

A: Your new module will be automatically added to your C.A.M.P. subscription, and the monthly fee adjusted accordingly.

Can I cancel my subscription?

After the initial 12 months, you may cancel your subscription at any time. Be aware that you would no longer be eligible for updates or support on your SAMCO Power Accounting application. However, if you wish to continue using Samco Power Accounting, you would be well advised to not cancel, as it will be more costly to enroll again, should you need the services.

Can I pay annually as opposed to monthly?

Yes you can, simply send us your payment for 12 times the monthly amount, plus applicable taxes.

What if I discontinue the use of a module?

Simply let us know which module you wish to discontinue. We’ll update our records, and adjust your monthly billing. We do not refund unused portions if you prepay in any manner.

Will you install my updates for me?

Yes, the support component of C.A.M.P. includes the direct installation of updates, as long as we have unlimited access to your system via high speed internet and you are on a Linux, Mac, Unix or supported Windows Operating System. Our Help Desk will be more than happy to discuss this with you and set it up for you.

Are there minimum version requirements to receive support?

Yes. In order to be able to provide Help Desk services, it’s important that C.A.M.P. subscriber’s software is at the most recent version provided to them. In most cases, Samco will have installed the updates at no additional charge, if you have high speed internet access to your system.

Do all my modules have to go to C.A.M.P.?

Yes they do, and they’ll thank you for it too!

Note: Terms, conditions and any part of the CAMP program may be changed at any time, based solely on the decision and discretion of Samco Software Inc.

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