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How to delete a company?
Last Updated 8 years ago

In order to remove a company that you do not use anymore:

  1. Make sure you have a backup of your system so that if you accidentally remove the wrong company data, it can be restored.
  2. If you might have to access the data in future, make a backup copy of this company using offline media such as a DVD.
  3. To remove the company, you must:
  • Remove all reports printed to disk for this company. This can be done either via printing the reports then purging them, or just by deleting the report files from the rwprt directory they reside in.
  • Let the SPOOLF file verify that the reports are gone (if the report files were deleted instead of purged)
  • Remove the company directory which holds all it's data.
  • Remove any archived reports from the rwarc directory.

To do the removal requires using the operating system. Examples are shown below for windows, and for Linux. Note: The XX refers to the two character company id. eg) 01 or TC.

cd  /usr/ssi
cd  rwprt
/bin/rm  XX*
cd ..
sh MENU  (go to reports on disk and let the system verify the reports are gone, then tab out)
/bin/rm  -rf  XX
/bin/rm  -rf  rwarc/XX

Windows command prompt:
CD ..
WMENU (go to reports on disk and let the system verify the reports are gone, then tab out)

Windows explorer:
  1. Browse to SSI directory.
  2. Browse into the RWPRT directory.
  3. Sort by filename.
  4. Scroll down to the files that start with your XX company id.
  5. Click on the first file in the list.
  6. Scroll down to the last file in the list.
  7. Shift-click that last file.
  8. Now that all the files are selected, hit the DEL key to delete them (or right click the list and pick delete).
  9. Run the software normally, go into that company and let reports on disk verify the reports are gone.
  10. Browse to the SSI directory.
  11. Right click the XX folder.
  12. Pick delete.
  13. Browse to the RWARC folder found inside the SSI folder.
  14. Right click the XX folder.
  15. Pick delete.

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